Application for Emergency First Aid Kit for Schools

Donation of First-Aid Kits to Local Community Schools

The Bluff Clinic Foundation traces its 150 year history to clinics and hospitals operated by the foreign community in Yokohama. The Foundation operates a medical and dental clinic on the Bluff and provides its services in English and Japanese. The Bluff Clinic Foundation also supports and provides various qualified public benefit programmes in Kanagawa. For the fiscal year 2014-2015 we will be funding emergency first-aid kits for elementary and junior high schools who have need for these kits. We will be able to donate the attached kit. If your school would like to propose a kit of your own choosing, please provide full details for our consideration. Kindly submit your application online below or by email to or in writing to Bluff Clinic Foundation Administration, at 82 Yamate-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama 231-0862 Kanagawa. Your application should detail the following:

  • Name of School and contact details
  • Details of kit required including cost thereof (if not the suggested kit).
  • Number of kits required
  • Please explain what circumstances the kits will likely be used for.

Please note that we have a budget for this programme and so applications will be judged on their merits. THE BLUFF CLINIC FOUNDATION Nov 2014.

Deadline for submissions

28th March 2015



Responses will be sent out by end March 2015.

Form for Donation request



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Name of your School

Please explain what circumstances the kits will likely be used for

Please tell us why you decided to apply for the emergency kit this time

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