Frequently Asked Questions:

Q – Do you have a lady doctor?

A – Our medical doctor is a man and the dentist is a woman.

Q – Do you speak English ?

A – Yes. Our Doctors, most nurses and office staff are bilingual.

Q – Do you accept Japanese Health Insurance?

A – Yes. We accept both National and Social Health Insurance cards. You must pay your deductible share of the medical fee by cash.

Q – Do you accept private health insurance?

A – No. You must pay us direct during your visit. Our invoices are in English and we can assist in completing foreign insurance claim forms.

Q – Do you have a gynaecologist?

A – We do not have a gynaecologist but gynaecological problems can be taken care by our Doctor. (e.g. amenorrhoea, vaginitis, pelvic inflammation)
Referrals to a specialist may be made as appropriate.

Q – Do you perform pap smears (cervical cytology)?

A – Yes. we do perform routine Pap smears.

Q – Do you have contraceptive pills?

A – Yes. We usually prescribe triphasic pills. Contraceptive pills are not covered under Japanese health insurance. We may ask you to have a gynaecological examination if you have not had one for more than a year.

Q – Do you perform pregnancy tests?

A – Yes. We can perform either a urine test or a blood test.

Q – Do you perform abortions?

A – No, but referrals can be made.

Q – What should I do in case of emergencies?

A – Please first try our office number. If it is out-of-office hours, a recorded message will instruct you what number you could call to reach the doctor if available and/or to inform you other numbers to call or where you should go.

Q – Can you fill another doctor’s prescription?

A – Most prescription can be filled by our Doctor with a fee. However, medications that are not available in Japan cannot be filled. We can assist you to purchase your medication from a pharmacy in North American in such cases.

Q – Do you dispense medication at your Clinic?

A – Most of the commonly prescribed medications are dispensed right at our Clinic. If we do not carry the medication, we will write you a prescription.

Q – Do you accept credit cards?

A – Yes. We accept VISA and MasterCard.

Q – How do I register at your Clinic?

A – You can register upon your first visit in person to the Clinic. To make an online appointment booking we require you to create a profile providing only your name, email address and telephone number.

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