The Bluff Clinic

The Bluff Medical and Dental Clinic is an organization established to provide quality medical and dental care to the members of the community living in Yokohama and Tokyo area.

Public Benefit Activities

The Bluff Clinic Foundation has committed to a Public Benefit Spending Plan using funds arising from its endowment from its predecessor hospitals in Yokohama. Below is the list of our Public Benefit Activities.

We will donate first aid kits (bandages, scissors, tweezers, cotton swabs, masks, swabs, thermometer, first aid tape, etc.) to public Japanese elementary/junior high schools in Kanagawa Prefecture who apply. The Fund Reviewing Board will select from the list of schools who have applied. Applications can also be made as per this linked form HERE. We will also consider applications for other types of kits.

2. Bilingual Medical Booklets (The Bluff Clinic Medical Passport)

Two versions :


Publication of community health handbooks to assist non-Japanese speakers access Japanese healthcare providers with seasonal updates on health issues. Distribution of such handbooks to schools, institutions and businesses with people who would benefit from these booklets.

Donate to or conduct First Aid training programmes to educate the layman on how to provide first responder treatment for medical emergencies. Organisations who wish to apply should submit their application on this linked form..

5. Donations to Non-Profit Medical Organisations

Donations to qualified non-profit medical organisations in Japan. Organisations who wish to apply should submit their application on this linked form..

The Bluff Clinc supports institutions and individuals into delivering workshops and presentations to the community, geared at improving the awareness and understanding of general health and medical knowledge.

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