Presentations and Workshops for the Community

The Bluff Clinc supports institutions and individuals into delivering workshops and presentations to the community, geared at improving the awareness and understanding of general health and medical knowledge.

2021-05-12 Cooking Course on Healthy Food

The Bluff Clinic is supporting the foreign community with cooking lessons towards a healthy diet and healthy life. This is their first attempt, scheduled for 12th May 2021 at the Honmoku Chiku Center and the seats are limited to 10 people in a 24 seat room, to limit the risks. Since it is sponsored by the Bluff Clinic, the fee is only 500 yen and all the ingredients are provided. Usually cooking group lessons start from 3,300 yen.

Contact  to register and/or for more information.

2020-04-04 Presentation on The Skill of Speech & Language

Tools for Impactful collaboration, communication & creative problem solving

Learn how to : Understand the intricacies of language
development given current cognitive linguistic research.
Create more effective treatment. Communicate these complicated concepts
to parents.
Use your passions & interests to creatively problem solve and prevent burnout.

For signups, please register HERE

At the Yokohama Country & Athletic Club

2020-02-29 Presentation on Empowering your family in the digital world

With the internet firmly rooted in our daily lives, the ubiquity of social media, and growing prominence of AI, children and adults alike have had to quickly develop new skills to adapt to online personal and professional worlds. This workshop will focus on empowering families to manage their digital lives at home, school, and work. The discussion will explore strategies to cope with online issues such as safety, privacy, relationships, conflict, screen time, and more. Helping adults to be digital mentors and tech positive parents will have an emphasis.

Contact to register or for more information

At  Horizon International School Yokohama

2020-01-25 Presentation on Keeping the Love you Find

Explore yourself and develop
healthier and more successful relationship

At the Yokohama Country & Athletic Club

2019-11-16 Presentation on Self Regulation

Explore Strategies for understanding and caring for our emotions and ourselves.

At  Yokohama International School Library

2019-10-19-Presentation on Autism:
Expanding the Social World

At the Yokohama Country & Athletic Club

2019-04-20 Presentation on Intelligence (Multiple, Emotional)

At the Yokohama Country & Athletic Club

2019-06-08 Presentation on Social Emotional Learning

At Yokohama International School

2019-03-03 Presentation on Positive Discipline

At Yokohama International School

2019-01-19 Presentation on Yoga and Mental Health

At the Yokohama Country & Athletic Club

2018-11-24 Presentation on the importance of play and playfulness in life

At the Yokohama Country & Athletic Club

2018-05-26 Presentation on Effective Communication

At the Yokohama Country & Athletic Club

2018-04-21 Presentation and workshop on Art and Communication

At the Yokohama Country & Athletic Club

2018-02-03 Presentation on When Parent Fight

At the Yokohama Country & Athletic Club

2017-10-14 Presentation on Stress Management – Finding Your Balance

At the Yokohama Country & Athletic Club

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